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HAW at the AHA
January 8-11, 2004 in Washington DC

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HAW business meeting at the AHA, Omni Shoreham, Washington, DC, January 9, 2004.

Structure and Functioning of Historians Against the War

1. Purpose

Historians Against the War (HAW) is a national network of historians, teachers and historically-minded scholars who came together in January 2003 to oppose the Bush Administration's planned war with Iraq. We are united by our opposition to pre-emptive war, wars of empire, the war at home and the undermining of civil rights in the name of the opposing terrorism, and a militarized polity.

2. Membership

A member of HAW is someone who has signed, by hand or electronically, the current HAW policy statement, e.g. the September 21, 2003 "Statement of Historians Against the War on the Occupation of Iraq," or any to follow. There is no current requirement to pay dues. Membership entitles a person to receive emails, to participate in all appropriate listservs, to join working groups as they are constituted by the Steering Committee, or to propose new ones to the Steering Committee, and to vote at the Annual Meeting.

Any member of HAW who no longer wishes to belong to the organization may resign at any time by informing the Steering Committee in writing of his or her decision.

3. Decision-Making

The highest national decision-making body is the Annual Meeting, which will take place yearly during the annual meeting of the American Historical Association or at some other appropriate venue that will maximize participation by historians. The Annual Meeting will elect a Steering Committee, and determine overall policy goals and political direction.

The Steering Committee will consist of up to 20 persons who are elected by secret ballot at the Annual Meeting. Nominations in writing will take place during the month prior to the annual meeting and any member of HAW can be nominated or nominate themselves.

Historians Against the War is committed to achieving meaningful diversity in terms of race, ethnicity and gender, as well as historical specialization and geographic location. To that end, nominees will be asked to specify the appropriate information for balloting purposes, and the Steering Committee is empowered to add up to 8 additional members to meet these criteria.

4. Steering Committee

Between Annual Meetings, the Steering Committee will determine programs appropriate to carry out the policy directions and priorities of HAW. It will elect such officers as are needed to carry out the functions assigned to it. It is also empowered to make decisions about endorsements, and to raise and spend money. As HAW is consolidated during its first year, the Steering Committee may, if urgent need arises, replace members who resign. The HAW membership will be informed of any additions in a timely manner.