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October 17 - November 7, 2006

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The initial Call for these teach-ins specified October 17–19 as the recommended time frame. Because of varying local circumstances, and the need for longer lead time, Historians Against the War is extending the recommended time frame until Election Day, November 7.

Why is the United States still occupying Iraq ? How and when can we withdraw? How does the Iraqi occupation relate to the current crisis in Israel , Palestine and Lebanon ? And what are the prospects for a new war in Iran or Syria ? How is the Bush Administration expanding the powers of the Executive Branch? And what are the domestic effects of its commitment to a prolonged “war on terrorism?” Historians Against the War is urging our colleagues – professors and students – across the country to organize or participate in National Teach-In Days, October 17—Election Day.

If you are interested in/can help organize a teach-in at your school, please send us an email ASAP to teachin@historiansagainstwar.org.

The tragedies now unfolding in Iraq and across the Middle East underscore our responsibility as educators and citizens to enhance public knowledge, to stimulate thoughtful inquiry, and to end the American occupation of Iraq . We hope that you can join this urgent effort!


Full text of Call to the Teach-Ins, with list of endorsing organizations

Annotated list of potential speakers (last updated Oct. 24)

Annotated list of films (last updated Oct. 11)

“How-to” guide of suggestions regarding logistics

Partial list of local events (last updated Nov 16)

Reports on local events (last updated Jan 8)

"Dear Colleagues, I am not a historian. I am a middle and high school Social Studies teacher at a small international school in Sendai, Japan. I and several of my students would like to express our solidarity with our colleagues at the nationwide teach in. Peace and best wishes, Mr. Connors, Leona, Atrouli, Leina, Lena, Elham, Tim, Chitti, Miru, Yoshi, Tomoe,Hossein,Yusuke, Misaki,Hideki,Dasha, Anastasia, Sakura, Hakari, Ji Young,Sang Myung,Miyuki"
(Received Oct. 13 from Ron Connors, Tohoku International School)

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