Historians Against the War

The New Faces Of War 
A Conference for Historians and Activists 

Baltimore, Maryland 
5-7 April 2013 

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Historians Against The War
National Conference
5-7 April 2013
Baltimore, Maryland

“The New Faces Of War”
A Conference for Historians and Activists

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Historians Against the War invites you to our upcoming national conference at Towson University, Baltimore, Maryland, April 5-7, 2013 (Friday evening through Sunday morning), co-sponsored by the Towson University College of Liberal Arts.

The theme “The New Faces of War” highlights the many ways that war-making has changed in recent decades, especially in the early 21st century. Here is a sampling of the confirmed panels:

  • “Distancing Acts: Imperial War from Counterinsurgency to Drones”
  • “Standing for Civil Freedoms on Crumbling Constitutional Grounds”
  • “Understanding and Responding to the Asia-Pacific Pivot”
  • “The New Conscientious Objectors: Soldiers Who Refuse to Commit War Crimes in a Particular War”
  • “The Politics of Drone Warfare and the University”
  • “Teaching the War on Terror”
  • “Indefinite Detention and War Against Iran: How Are These Two Strands of US Foreign Policy Connected?”

The keynote speakers on Friday evening, April 5 are

  • Alfred McCoy of the University of Wisconsin, much-published author on US policies
  • Col. Ann Wright, former US military officer and diplomat, prominent antiwar activist

Among those who will speak on Saturday and Sunday, either in plenary sessions or on breakout panels, are

  • Rashid Khalidi of Columbia University
  • Nick Turse of TomDispatch.com
  • Phyllis Bennis of Institute for Policy Studies
  • ex-CIA official Ray McGovern
  • Irene Gendzier of Boston University
  • Judith Le Blanc of Peace Action
  • David Swanson of War Is a Crime.org
  • Jerry Lembcke of College of the Holy Cross
  • Vinay Lal of UCLA
  • Paul Joseph of Tufts University
  • Carolyn “Rusti” Eisenberg of Hofstra University.
  • John Prados of the National Security Archive

Click here for the complete program.

The registration fee is $50 (or $30 for students or low-income).

Call for proposals (deadline is now past)

For information beyond what is covered on this site, write to conf@historiansagainstwar.org.

Please help us build this conference by spreading the word to other scholars and activists!

Historians Against the War is a network of history teachers, scholars, and activists seeking to bring historical analysis to bear on U.S. foreign policy and its social/political impact. To find out more, visit the HAW website at www.historiansagainstwar.org.

The first HAW conference "Empire, Resistance, and the War in Iraq: A Conference for Historians and Activists" was held at the University of Texas, Austin, February 17-19, 2006.

The second HAW conference "War And Its Discontents: Understanding Iraq And The U.S. Empire" was co-sponsored with the Peace History Society and held in Atlanta, Georgia, April 11-13, 2008.