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Dear HAW supporters,

Historians Against the War is a member organization of United for Peace and Justice (UfPJ), and, in that capacity, we are passing on a recent UfPJ notice about the October 25 action in Washington, DC, to end the occupation of Iraq. We ask you to join this march if you can, to raise awareness of the march in your communities, and to support the march in other ways.

Andor Skotnes, HAW co-chair


OCTOBER 25: March and Rally in Washington, DC to End the Occupation of Iraq!

In one week, tens of thousands of people who oppose the war, invasion and occupation of Iraq will unite in Washington, D.C. for a truly massive outpouring of popular opposition to the Bush Administration’s foreign and domestic program. It is time to end this disastrous occupation; time to bring the troops home. The cost in human lives is already staggering: more than 7200 Iraqi civilians and 320 U.S. soldiers have been killed to date. And the cost to our vital domestic social and economic programs continues to skyrocket.

The October 25th demonstration is co-sponsored by United for Peace and Justice and International ANSWER, but it will be a success because local coalitions, community groups and individuals like you make it a priority. In the next week, the momentum already in motion can be re-doubled. Now is the time to reach out to everyone in your community to invite their participation, now is the time to contact other groups and now is certainly the time to make your transportation plans!

United for Peace and Justice is doing what we can do make this protest as large and powerful as possible. Our work is only as strong as your involvement, and that can come in many ways. Forward this email to friends and appropriate listservs. Download and distribute leaflets from our website. Organize phone banking nights. Make sure everyone knows about October 25th and knows how to get there.

Just as importantly, UFPJ needs your financial support for this effort. Organizing a major mobilization takes a lot of time and effort, and it also takes money. For all of the countless hours put in by volunteers there are still many things we cannot get donated: especially costs for the day itself.

Giving money to United for Peace and Justice is easy, just visit http://www.unitedforpeace.org/donate to make an online donation. Or you can mail a check to UFPJ at PO Box 607, Times Square Station, New York, NY 10108. It doesn't matter how you send it...but it does matter that you send something and send it today! We cannot do this work without your financial support. In fact, we need to raise $30,000 in the next two weeks to ensure the success of this mobilization, and to make it possible for us to keep doing this critically important work after October 25th.

Please check our web site at http://www.unitedforpeace.org for updates and details on the October 25th March on Washington, DC, including a ride board to help you coordinate transportation plans. Contact our office at 212-868-5545 if you need more information or assistance.

See you in Washington on October 25th!